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24th International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems (MTNS 2020): Cambridge, UK Conference cancellation


Steering Committee

The continuity of the MTNS meetings is ensured by the MTNS Steering Committee presently consisting of:

Athanasios C. Antoulas (USA)
Joseph A. Ball (USA)
Tryphon Georgiou (USA)
Heide Gluesing-Luerssen (USA)
Lars Grüne (Germany)
J. William Helton (USA)
Yiguang Hong (China)
Birgit Jacob (Germany)
Margreta Kuijper (Australia)
Alexander Borisovich Kurzhanski (Russia)
Sanjay Lall (USA)
Anders Lindquist (Sweden)
Iven Mareels (Australia)
Kirsten Morris (Canada)
Yoshito Ohta (Japan)
Pablo Parrilo (USA)
Li Qiu (Hong Kong SAR)
Michele Pavon (Italy)
Anders Rantzer (Sweden)
Joachim Rosenthal (Switzerland)
Jacquelien Scherpen (The Netherlands)
Rodolphe Sepulchre (United Kingdom)
Ling Shi (Hong Kong SAR)
Malcolm Smith (United Kingdom)
Toshiharu Sugie (Japan)
Arjan van der Schaft (The Netherlands)
Victor Vinnikov (Israel)
Yutaka Yamamoto (Japan)
Eva Zerz (Germany)

MTNS is a major symposium in the general area of mathematical systems theory, networks and control. The symposium is interdisciplinary and attracts mathematicians, engineers and researchers working in all aspects of systems theory and its applications. The symposium is held every two years. Mathematical methods which play a role in the areas mentioned above stem from a broad range of fields of pure and applied mathematics, including ordinary and partial differential equations, real and complex analysis, numerical analysis, probability theory and stochastic analysis, operator theory, linear and commutative algebra as well as algebraic and differential geometry. Application areas range from biology, communications and mathematical finance to problems in electrical, mechanical, aerospace and chemical engineering, and robotics. The 25th MTNS will take place in Bayreuth, Germany on 12-16 September 2022.

MTNS is co-sponsored by IFAC